eDay Collection Stats

2007 – 2010

Number of cars through eDay sites: 57,700

Estimated number of items collected: 272,900

Estimated total tonnage: 3,220


About the eDay New Zealand Trust

The eDay New Zealand Trust was established on 1 September 2010  to address the growing challenge that electonic waste (e-waste) presents for New Zealand and Pacific Island communities.  We plan to build on the eDay initiative created by the Computer Access New Zealand (CANZ) Trust and work collaboratively with government, industry and local communities to raise public awareness of the issue and progress towards truly sustainable solutions.

We advocate sustainable and responsible e-waste collection and recycling in New Zealand. To move towards this, we aim to raise public awareness of the issue, lobby for product stewardship, promote recycling best-practice and organise collection events to ensure that hazardous and scarce materials are not buried in our landfills, or exported to parts of the world where processing is unregulated and likely to result in harm to human and environmental health. We aim to collaborate with government, manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers and recyclers to promote long-term schemes suitable for New Zealand and Pacific Island countries.

Our purposes as stated in our Trust Deed:

1.1 to raise public awareness of the need for responsible recycling of electronic waste (e-waste - also known as e-scrap);
1.2 to promote the development of sustainable e-waste collection and recycling schemes;
1.3 to collaborate with manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers in promoting whole of life cycle product stewardship of electronic equipment;
1.4 to collaborate with central government, local authorities, recyclers and the IT industry in moving towards sustainable, environmentally responsible and cost effective e-waste collection and recycling;
1.5 to promote best practice in recycling of e-waste;
1.6 to organise national e-waste awareness raising events, including but not limited to the one-day eDay collection event;
1.7 to research new models for raising e-waste awareness, including but not limited to an ‘eDay everyday' model (i.e. a permanent and widely accessible national collection system), where communities can dispose of e-waste safely throughout the year;
1.8 to pilot new e-waste collection and recycling initiatives;
1.9 to promote education initiatives, educating children and others about responsible recycling of electronic waste;
1.10 to enquire, research, gather information, learn, analyse, and share theories and practices about e-waste collection and recycling schemes;
1.11 to engage in any other activities consistent with these objectives that the Trustees may decide from time to time.



laurence_edayLaurence Zwimpfer (Chairperson)

Laurence has a long history (45 years) advocating the benefits of digital computer and communications technologies, as a Post Office and Telecom engineer for 30 years, and as an independent consultant for the last 15 years.

He chaired the CANZ Trust for 10 years, promoting the refurbishment of computer equipment for schools and digitally disadvantaged communities.  This led directly to his involvement in addressing the e-waste problem, as computers reached the end of their useful life.

Laurence has been involved with annual eDay collection event since the first pilot supported by Dell in Wellington in 2006 and has project managed the four subsequent national eDay events (2007-2010).



Lara Charles

Lara is a freelance marketing and communications professional with wide-ranging experience and passion in the community sector, particularly in the environment field.

Spanning over 10 years, Lara has extensive experience across marketing and communications planning and execution, outreach initiatives, media relations, partnership development, event management and online marketing.

Lara has played a leading role in eDay since it's inception in 2007. She was responsible for developing the eDay brand with Chilli Marketing and manages the eDay marketing and communications campaign each year.


mikereducedMike Ennis

Mike was a founding Trustee of the Wellington Regional 2020 Communications Trust. He combines this interest in the use of ICT for community development with a long involvement in the environment movement. He has been Co-Chair of ECO & is currently on the executive of Friends of the Earth NZ. He has worked on a wide range of environmental issues & is particularly interested in the disposal problems of solid waste, e-waste & bio-solids.



douglas_reducedDouglas Harre

Douglas’ background as a geography and environmental education and then an ICT advisor to schools was the reason for his early interested in the refurbishment and recycling of IT hardware to schools and communities.

From late 2001 until early 2009 Douglas was the senior ICT Consultant at the Ministry of Education National Office in Wellington. He was closely involved with the setting up and rolling out of all of the major ICT initiatives to schools over that time. This included being involved with CANZ – the trust that oversaw the early programmes to supply schools with recycled computers (This was when they were still $2000 each……) and that gave rise to the eDay Trust.

On a wider cross-government approach, he has worked with a range of public sector agencies on various cyber-strategies (broadband, cyber security, digital literacy), and has represented the New Zealand Ministry of Education at a range of national and international e-learning events.

Douglas now works for CORE Education as an ICT consultant. He is also a Trustee of Wellington ICT and eLearning Porirua, two community-based organisations in the Wellington region.



graeme_osborneGraeme Osborne




barbara_reducedBarbara Hammonds

My interest in waste as an issue was sparked in the late 1980's by the progressive withdrawal from use of reusable glass milk bottles in the upper North Island. I became part of Save our Bottles, a group that formed around this. To highlight the fact that used plastic milk containers were all being landfilled (no recycling systems for the public were in place at this time), we dumped 5000 empty containers on the doorstep of the Auckland Milk Corporation. Not long after this, recycling opportunities were set up at schools in Auckland. A few years later I completed a Masters in Environmental Science, focussing on waste, and then helped set up Waste Not Auckland (now Waste Not Consulting). Currently I work as Waste Minimisation Officer for the Taranaki Regional Council, assisting businesses, working alongside district councils, introducing recycling at events and keeping up to date with waste generation and waste minimisation activities in the region and in New Zealand. Since 2008 I have helped out with our local eDays and have taken an active interest in furthering Product Stewardship for e-waste. My goal is to see a workable, environmentally sound ‘eDay everyday' solution for New Zealand.


jonathon_hannonreducedJonathon Hannon

I am the coordinator of the Zero Waste Academy (ZWA - est 2002), which is based within the Institute of Natural Resources here at Massey University in New Zealand. The ZWA was strategically located at Massey University to assist in the facilitation of linkages between the waste and recycling industry and the University's research and teaching community.

My career has encompassed a diversity of work experiences from:
• grass roots community development to,
• private enterprise as a recycling contractor providing municipal services to
• the corporate waste company context to,
• most recently, pioneering the ZWA's blended academic / research / industry development project management mandate.
I have an in-depth working knowledge of New Zealand's resource recovery industry and extensive experience working with the people, organisations and activities, which underwrite it's role as an environmental service provider to the New Zealand economy.

Currently my role involves:
• Teaching and research supervision within the university / Membership of the Massey University Sustainability Working group
• As a foundation member of the Resource Recovery Sector Advisory Group I have been involved, since it inception, in all facets of the development and delivery of NZQA industry training for the kiwi recycling industry.
• Being a trustee of the E-Day NZ, which administers the MfE funded national E-Day project.
• A currently the Chair of CompostNZ

I have previous been involved in the development of the NZS4454: 2005 - New Zealand Compost and Potting Mix Standard and wrote and delivered the ‘NZS4454: Adoption and Achievement Toolkit' on behalf of CompostNZ.


adele_barlowreducedAdele Barlow

Adele is a researcher and entrepreneur based in London, passionate about digital media, education, and social development. With a strong interest in conscious capitalism, she co-founded youth-driven social enterprise yMedia. The yMedia Challenge is an award-winning initiative that connects tertiary students needing work experience, to community groups needing to develop their digital presence with limited funding.
She has also worked in communications and management roles with Capability NZ, the NZ Computer Society, X Media Lab, the NZ Centre for Social Innovation, and Pembridge Partners in London.